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Below are some frequently asked questions; hopefully you can find the answer you are looking for below, if not, please contact us via phone or email – we will answer all your queries and can then add the Q&A to this page to help others in the future.

Location enquiries including delivery/installation/display outlet

Q: Do you deliver your laser cut panels, decorative screens and house signs Australia wide?
A: We certainly do, all locations Australia wide.

Q: Do you install laser cut projects Australia wide?
A: Yes, we can arrange installation in all locations of Australia, or can simply provide all fixings and attachments, with our detailed drawings and installation instructions included.

Q: Can you provide delivery outside of Australia to any country?
A: Absolutely, we can arrange delivery to nearly any location around the globe.

Q: Can you provide an installation service outside of Australia to any country?
A: The answer is yes, we can arrange installation to most locations around the world, or can simply provide all fixings and attachments, with our detailed drawings and installation instructions included.

Q: Why is your street address not shown in your contact page and where are you located?
A: As nearly all our work is custom designed and manufactured, our address in Melbourne is not listed as our factory is generally not open to the public and does not display set products as such. We also feel it is important that all our clients know, that our personal service, quality control and project delivery are provided at the same high standard, no matter your location.

Q: Do you have a display outlet for your laser cut screens, decorative panels, house numbers and laser cut signs?
A: As most of our projects are custom, we do not have a display outlet as such, however, if you would like to view a public project in close proximity to your location, please contact us and we can provide locations/addresses of Cutout projects that you can visit Australia wide.

Product Queries

Q: What materials and finishes do you provide for your laser cut screens, decorative screens, house signs and business signs?
A: Cutout specialise in Metals, timber and Acrylics; including materials such as Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten Rusting Steel, Aluminium, MDF or Plywoods. Our products are generally provided either raw or can also be Galvanised/Zinc plated and or powder coated, 2pac spray finished or hand painted, using either a brushed or rolled finish.

Q: Will I be provided with a drawing prior to the manufacturing phase?
A: Our custom design phase is an important part of our total service we provide for our clients. We will always provide detailed drawings for approval by all concerned prior to any manufacturing,  

Q: Do you do custom designs for your laser cut screens and house signs?
A: As well as offering a large range of designs for you to choose from, our design team specialise in custom laser cut design for our cladding, screening and signage projects.

Q: Can I provide my own design for my decorative screen or wall art?
A: You can certainly provide your own design, we then generally edit or re-draw for your approval to guarantee our product quality is maintained – ensuring strength, safety, correct line-work/aesthetics etc. Cutout takes responsibility for not only our designs, but any which are provided to us – this is part of our total service.

Q: Do you offer standard sizes for your screens and signs?
A: Your screen or sign size will be based on your specific requirements, all Cutout concepts are custom, nothing is standard. Ask our helpful team regarding the most suitable size for your project, based on material, fixing application and surrounding area.  

Q: What fixings do you provide with your decorative panels and laser cut sign projects?
A: The Cutout team have extensive material and fixing knowledge; the most appropriate fixings for your project will be shown in our detailed drawings for your approval.

Guarantees, Warranties and After-Care

Q: Do all of your products/projects come with a satisfaction guarantee?
A: Absolutely, we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with your project. If in the unlikelihood that you are not, we will rectify the problem and or provide a suitable solution.

Q: Do all of your products/projects come with a warranty?
A: Of course, Cutout projects are covered by our 5 year replacement warranty

Q: Can I seek assistance after project completion..in say 1, 5 or even 10 years?
A: Once you proceed with your project, you are a Cutout client for life and can email or phone us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

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